Cotton Jumper

Well young lady, must admit you have really got me going now....... this has been as above for about 3 months, as I have been busy with cakes.....but yesterday, have finished the front, and made one sleeve, so you may see the finished article soon!!!!!!

Silk cotton the material, has a tendency to split while knitting, but looks quite good...


I am afraid this relatively simple sweater pattern has exceeded my limited attention span. It may not look too bad here, but up close, the imperfections are blatant. Let's call them design features, and let's call this one a learning experience. What I learned: stick to patterns that require needles larger than a US 3.

I haven't tried it on yet, but it looks a bit wide and a bit short. Let's call the shaping a design feature, too, then. It's supposed to look like a chopped off swing sweater. Really, I am probably being too critical here. What do you think?


Mum won't believe that I'm still working on this! The pattern is here

I'm improvising a little, though. I made the sleeves a bit longer than the pattern, and did some ribbed cuffs.

I knitted a similar jacket last year, and really like the frill edge on that one, so I'm adding the same to this one. You can see me picking up stitches here. You immediately double the stitches by making one in every stitch, and then knit 6 rows.

I'm not sure what to do for a fastener, though. A button, some kind of tie, or something else. Any ideas? The pattern says "With right side facing and crochet hook, attach yarn at front marker; ch 31, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, sl st in same place as joining. Fasten off. Rep on opposite front"

Trouble is, I have no idea what this means. I may have to visit Mum, as she's been re-learning crochet and will understand, I'm sure.

A pair of woolies!

At last a couple of knits from last winter........Aqua jumper is a Sirdar Wash and Wear ..crepe double knitting..pattern number 5468

The cable one!!! I have just looked through all my patterns and cannot find this stupid you must wait until it decides to let me find it.....

Finished project! (Albeit a small one)

Yay! I finished sewing-up just in time for the arrival of Helen's ceramic buttons. They're the perfect finishing touch, beautiful pink and white agateware square buttons.

I am particularly pleased with the pattern that the double moss stitch makes. It's attractive and has a nice 'stretch' to it like ribbing. For the cuffs, I learned a new cast-on which is suitably stretchy. That worked out well.

The only thing spoiling this project for me is that one of the balls of eskimo was a slightly different colour. You can just about see in the photo that one of the sleeves is a slightly deeper pink. Friends have reassured me that you don't notice it until it's pointed out, and it does depend on the light.

Will This Sweater Never End?

I have been working on this sweater on and off for at least a year and a half. I started it with such good intentions, but because of the nature of the pattern, it takes so long just to finish an inch of knitting, I could make a meal for ten in the same length of time, AND drive cross country.

The pattern is from Easy Knits by Debby Bliss, and it is truly easy. It requires a great deal of patience, though, which I have only in short supply. The yarn is a thin soft wool/cotton that uses No. 10/US 3 size needles. Also, because it is done in a moss stitch, each row nestles in on the one before it.

I finished the back and half of the front last year and then put it all away in disgust. But now I have dragged it out of the bag again, and just yesterday finished a sleeve. One more sleeve to go, and then the assembly. I do hope I like the thing when it's finished.

In the States, this project, including the book of patterns, would cost approximately $125. I actually got it as part of a barter--I manned my friend's yarn store for a couple of days while she was out of town.

Retail therapy

Three things in progress, poorer than skint, what happened here??

Well your honour, the super pattern book was reduced to £3.50. It has more than one pattern in it which I'd really like to make. I still have an ambition to knit something I'm proud enough to wear when finished. The cotton DK is for one of the tops in the book. No jury would convict, would they??

Baby Eskimo Jacket

This is one of three projects I have 'on the needles' at the moment. A little Stylecraft baby cardy for niece Maya. Shoulder seams stitched and just picking up the stitches around the neck for the collar. H has just promised to contribute some handmade ceramic buttons.