Learning to crochet

At Christmas Mum showed me how to hold a crochet hook. I've resisted crochet for a long time, but a long time ago I pinned this pattern: Tatiana Pullover from Interweave - it's lovely and inspired me to learn to use a hook.

It didn't go too well at first, but I've persevered and after lots of head-scratching over the pattern and gazing at Youtube videos it's taking shape!

The yarn I've chosen is Tekapo in dark red, beautiful dk 100%wool.

Brainless knit will keep the brains very warm

I'm not doing very well with my resolution to be finishing more projects than I'm starting, but as I've started and finished this one, does it cancel itself out?

I was feeling down at the weekend and needed a quick and brainless knit. This is the Easy-Fit Ribbed Hat. I had a skein of Artesano 50% alpaca / wool aran weight- 100g just about made the hat

It wasn't as quick to knit as I had hoped, using big needles like these (6.5mm) is quite clumsy. But by the end I was getting quite deft with the 'right needle anchored under the arm' technique, which worked really well with these big needles.

For speed with 2x2 rib, I knit all the k stitches through the back loop, which gives them that odd twist, but I quite like it.

Yarn bowls in progress

Much-requested before Christmas and demand exceeding supply, I visited Helen during the holidays and saw lots in progress. I was able to take a limited number of finished ones which are now available at p2tog

She's had problems getting the bowls dry in the cold weather, if they're not dry they explode in the kiln. There are lots more in progress, both the original design (pictured) and the new deco design

Baby bootees

As if they're not cute enough, they're all the more special because the pattern is a vintage pattern and I've used some of my grandmother's needles.

The great thing about baby knitting is the speed that you can finish things. I finished knitting these on Christmas day, just a couple of days after starting them but because I hate seaming up, they've been sat in my bag waiting.

The pattern is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star bootees. I love the pattern, it kept me interested (right up to the seaming part...)

I actually knit three bootees altogether because I wasn't happy with the first one. If you're thinking of making these, my tip is that for the sole increases where it says 'm1' read 'kfb' and on the instep (top of foot - the lace pattern) where it says 'm1' read 'yo'.