Finished Fulton Shrug

The pattern is mad and I love it - Fulton Shrug from the great book Unexpected Cables.

Yarn is not handspun but Norfolk Horn sourced and millspun by my friend Jenn at and then dyed for me by Freyalyn.  More details about all of that in the previous post.

It has taken a long time. The cables added to the time but kept it more interesting than plain knitting. I got into a rhythm of knitting one or two repeats most days (a cable cross round every 8 rounds).

WIP: Fulton Shrug in Norfolk Horn yarn

 My current project isn't handspun <gasp> but it is very special yarn.

The yarn comes from the lovely Jenn at who sourced the Norfolk Horn fleeces and had them processed and mill spun. I bought this undyed, but Jenn does also dye her yarn using natural dyes, either home-grown or with a local connection.

I considered dying the skeins myself but I wanted a professional job for this project, and sent them to the also lovely Freyalyn who did this amazing job and achieved exactly what I wanted; a teal colour with a little variegation. 

The pattern is Fulton Shrug from Unexpected Cables. It probably won't be the only pattern I knit from that brilliant book.