Ruby - Finished

Here's Mum (whippetsgalore) modeling the finished ruby bolero. A project seems to expand to fill the available time and this was no exception. We were still weaving in ends as the guests started to arrive! I'm so pleased with the finished item; it fits perfectly and looks very good.

This picture was taken exactly 40 years ago, and had been cleverly added to the top of the anniversary cake so that everyone could see what a fantastic looking couple they've always been! Thank you both for being such great parents and role models. And for a lovely night on Saturday.

Button Scarf

I have been passing the time by knitting a scarf, as if I needed another one. My daughter gave me a couple of skeins of some wonderful wool yarn, so I matched it with a simple basket-weave pattern—just a series of knits and purls—and knitted until I ran out of yarn. To embellish the ends, I sewed on a line of sea shell buttons on each end. It's now my new favorite scarf.

On to the next project. I've got a bag full of yarn that needs to be matched with projects.

Ruby - update

Phew! nearly finished the second sleeve, and on target for finishing the garment in time.