Button Scarf

I have been passing the time by knitting a scarf, as if I needed another one. My daughter gave me a couple of skeins of some wonderful wool yarn, so I matched it with a simple basket-weave pattern—just a series of knits and purls—and knitted until I ran out of yarn. To embellish the ends, I sewed on a line of sea shell buttons on each end. It's now my new favorite scarf.

On to the next project. I've got a bag full of yarn that needs to be matched with projects.


peahen said...

That pattern really does look complicated at first glance, and it does really look like it's woven. The shell buttons do match beautifully too! Lovely project.

whippetsgalore said...

I love the basket weave design, makes it much more interesting, a pleasure to knit i would imagine. The shell buttons just set it off a treat.