Blanket from Zoom Loom squares

As a spin-off (see what I did there?) from last year's Spinzilla, the Hand Spinning News team have been taking part in a 'treasure chest' game which will ultimately raise money for our chosen charity.

It worked a little like a 'pass the parcel' where one team-mate would provide / prepare the fibre, the next would spin it, the next dye it etc.
 This particular yarn reached the 'make' stage but fell back into my hands. As organiser of the game I shouldn't really have taken part, but loved the dyed yarn so much and could see what I wanted to make from it, so commandeered it!

When I saw the yarn it had been balled, and so these contrasting colours were criss-crossed and looked amazing. It was clear that it should be woven. I decided to make squares with the Zoom Loom, which is fast and addictive.
Happily the yarn made exactly 60 squares, perfect for a blanket.
I learned to crochet the edge using a video by Benjamin of Schacht.
The yarn for the edges is Shetland spun during a previous Spinzilla.
 Stitching the edges and crocheting them together took as long as making the squares!

Postcard from Wonderwool Wales 2018

As usual, the three halls are filled with delights for the knitter, spinner and felter. Tools, materials, patterns and finished items. 

The selection of food on offer seems particularly good. My only complaint is about the temperature (which is no-one's fault). I'm pleased that I put on as many layers as I did, and wish I'd put on more. 

 The Blyth tall ship / williams gansey project is setting out to re-create the discovery of the Antarctic land mass 200 years ago. The gansey project aims to knit a gansey for each of the crew.
 This crocheted crocodile was made by Bristol volunteers and is shown for the first time at Wonderwool. He was inspired by a legendary Bristol crocodile.

The 'sheepwalk' fashion show is set against the backdrop of this amazing curtain of poppies which has been made in support of the Royal British Legion in this the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war. The young man in WW1 costume doesn't look very impressed!