Tardis socks finished! Just in time

... for the autumn weather:

Really pleased with these.
  • It's my first go at colourwork (Intarsia in the round = lots of ends to weave in) that's worked out very well, the second one is neater than the first!
  • The detail is embrodered on, not something I'm familiar with or very keen to do more of
  • The chart only gives you the leg - after that you're using your favourite sock pattern. I love the squares and chose to carry them on over the top of the foot and that looks good
  • The leg chart isn't symmetrical, so I read it right-left for one sock and left-right for the other to make them a pair
  • One ball of Zitron Trekking XXL 4-ply Sock yarn (shade 451) was perfect in colour and more than enough. The white was some almost-white wool/nylon sock yarn from my local shop, but they don't use much white so anything from stash will do
  • Many many thanks to Tara Wheeler for the pattern which is free and is here - and the Ravelry page for the pattern is here

A change of mind (I can feel a frogging coming on)

In the last post I'd decided to make some hiking socks from some black zwartbles yarn that I was very proud of. I kept looking at the skein and swatch and wasn't sure that it was saying socks to me. So I tried knitting a sample bit of cable from the Opulent Raglan and loved the result!

The cable is very well defined with the black yarn. The grey really is a woollen yarn which is ok for the big cable but the little ones look very, well, woolly. The WIP above came to a bit of a halt after a few mistakes and some uncertainty about the yarn. Been thinking about pulling it out. I think the black is going to work far better.

So here's progress so far. Not much but it's looking and feeling good. Pattern is Opulent Raglan