Fixing messed-up sweater cast-on

I'm really enjoying making my Riddari (Lopi book 28).

This is the first time I've seen this 'rolled' edge. I wasn't keen, some knitters have knitted ribbing instead, but I went with it. Unfortunately I messed up.
I used the larger needle size by mistake, and somehow I managed to flip things around during the ribbing, so the first few rows are purl-side-out and curl the wrong way (my excuse is that I took the project out with me, so it went in and out of a project bag a couple of times in the early stages).

I did wonder whether to just make sure that the cuffs and neck match, but I wasn't happy with it. It would have annoyed me for ever afterwards.

Removing those first few rows was much easier than I expected. It was like removing a provisional cast-on.
I caught the live stitches on the smaller, correct needle, so it was easy to begin knitting with the black yarn and knit those 4 rows the correct way round.
The only thing that's wrong now is that the stitches are the wrong way round (they're knitted towards the bottom and cast off, rather than being knit bottom-up). But that's not noticeable, especially as the curl is working as it should.
Now I really like this edge. It looks a bit like an iCord bind-off.

More dog spinning

Previously for the same owner I spun this light fur. From the darker dog is this extremely downy fluff, not hairy at all.

I found that it made good punis using regular carders and a dowel. Using unsupported longdraw (with a good 'pinch'!) worked very well, and made quite an even yarn. 

 The smell was very doggy while spinning, but washing in a delicate wash gave the finished yarn a very pleasant scent.
 These are the very dogs.