Spellcaster Socks - a milestone

At the start of the year I was really inspired by the colour of the year, viva magenta, and also by the Spellcaster Socks by Wyvern Knits, a pattern that allows you to "Embrace spell casting whilst playing with the chaos and magic of the dice". Yes, you throw a die to determine various pattern choices, so no two pairs of Spellcaster socks will be the same. 

I decided to spin the yarn. I looked around for some magenta fibre and the best (bearing in mind socks) was this merino / silk from Fibre Hut called Aries. Soft and (hopefully) strong.

I didn't rush! I took 6 months to make a good skein. In my defence, it is a 3-ply, so whatever the yardage was, I'd spun three times that much in singles.

The knitting went more quickly than the spinning. I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough yarn for both socks or not. In fact I had almost enough to make the first. I ran out of yarn when on the toe decreases!

As I'd made a true 3-ply, I naturally had some singles left on two bobbins, so I navajo-plied a few yards to finishthe first sock.

This isn't blocked, I think it'll look better still after a soak and a set on the sock blocker.