Remedial work to the handspun BBC Micro jumper

 A while ago I finished this project,  

You may think the neck looks a little odd or a little wide. It certainly felt that way to me. The truth is that I ran out of yarn with maybe a a few rounds left to go. I'd used all of the John Arbon fibre and didn't think it worth ordering another 100g just for that tiny bit of extra yarn.

I haven't worn the jumper much, and I think that's because I wasn't entirely happy with it.

One great thing about the John Arbon blends is that they are very consistent. So I was able to order another 100g and it's an exact match. I didn't snap a shot while I was spinning the singles, but here's the plied yarn. 

It's a 4-ply with one of the plies being this pink silk. I probably had enough on the bobbin but still had some of the fibre and enjoyed using my John Brightwell wheel to spin a little more of that. 

And so onto the remedial work.... 
Here's the neck as it was. There are only two or three rounds of 2x2 rib there and it needs a bit more. It was easy to retrieve the woven-in end, undo my final knot and pull out the bind-off giving me a round of live stitches. 

Here's the result. You can see that the new yarn is indistinguishable from the old, and that the neckline looks much better. I decreased a couple of stitches at the point of the V.