Woolly Wednesday for October 2013

Oops, a week late this time, but it is Wednesday. I notice that my previous post was last Woolly Wednesday so Dawn's monthly gathering really is useful as well as a nice virtual social event.

Two things that have been occupying me this month. The first is a felted solar system.
Here are Earth (and our moon), Venus our twin, Mars and tiny Mercury. I realise now that I can't work to scale (if I do Jupiter will be wall-sized!)

This project was inspired by a visit to the Space Centre in Leicester. I love the place and my favourite area is 'the planets'. It's not particularly interactive, mostly just information boards with some models. I think it's the varied and beautiful colours of the spheres that grabs me and this time it occurred to me that the coloured wool tops that I stock would lend themselves perfectly. It's been fun picking the colours, and unlike spinning and knitting, each felted disc is very quick to make.

What's been taking most of my knitting time is a nativity (or 'knitivity'?). I've heard people moan about friends who ask "If I buy the wool will you make this for me?" but I didn't think I'd be caught out myself....