You'd never guess...

I needed to try out this Kiwi (fitted a new flyer and whorl) and thought it might be a good opportunity to try the sample of crab that someone gave me some time ago.

Yes, crab! very silky and drafts very easily. The result is smooth with a nice lustre, and a very slight fuzzy halo to it.

Finished trekking socks

First finished project of 2011

Here they are again with the yarn bowl I used

The bowl is a new design from Helen. She's reluctant to make more of these because the ram's horn idea isn't original, but it works very well.

Once again the yarn is trekking sock yarn from p2tog, the pattern is my favourite: Ginkgo socks

Nintendo DS sock

Just before the new year my sister and I left the Game store without the cover for her new DS we'd gone in for on account of people packing the shop shoulder-shoulder.

Instead I bought a ball of yarn and some dpns and set about making this before the end of the year. I didn't quite make it, I cast off the next morning, and the button still has to be sewn on, but it's soft and no-one has one like it!

A-Z sock challenge

I'm only one pattern repeat away from casting off my current pair of socks (photos coming very shortly). That's a very quick (for me) one month.

not sure whether it's too late to join in now, but I've only just seen the A-Z sock challenge on Ravelry via a blog post from laalbear. The idea is that you knit a pair of socks every two weeks this year - yes that's 26 pairs. Each pattern has to begin with the next letter of the alphabet.

At the rate I knit, I'd be lucky to get to my favourite pattern, 'Ginkgo Socks' before Christmas, so I think the prizes (UK only) will be very well deserved. I notice that the discussion thread for the competition has the tag 'omgyoumustbemad'.

Sharing a wonderful handknit image

If you'd asked me about showing off handknit socks with peeptoe heels that have been decoupage'd with newspaper I don't think I'd have been impressed with the idea, but what do I know? These images look fantastic and I would be very impressed if I met these in the street.

The yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn from pigeonroof studios.

The image has also been added to the Flickr group Handknit Street Style, which is also well worth a look