Finished trekking socks

First finished project of 2011

Here they are again with the yarn bowl I used

The bowl is a new design from Helen. She's reluctant to make more of these because the ram's horn idea isn't original, but it works very well.

Once again the yarn is trekking sock yarn from p2tog, the pattern is my favourite: Ginkgo socks


Sarah said...

Those are gorgeous. And I like those bowls too.

Unknown said...

Wow! who ever get those thing sure feel the warm of love and passion that you exert while making them.


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Scout said...

Look how uniform and perfect?! I have knitted two pair of socks since Christmas (my first socks ever), and they don't look like matched sets. One in each pair is shorter than the other, and they look like they'd fit a horse hoof.

peahen said...

I find that a bit hard to believe Scout knowing what an accomplished knitter you are! lol There's nothing like the feel of handknitted socks against your skin - do try, try again. Maybe look into the 'two pairs at once' method - I've never tried it but I think it helps keep them even and also helps to beat second sock sindrome (SSS)