Sharing a wonderful handknit image

If you'd asked me about showing off handknit socks with peeptoe heels that have been decoupage'd with newspaper I don't think I'd have been impressed with the idea, but what do I know? These images look fantastic and I would be very impressed if I met these in the street.

The yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn from pigeonroof studios.

The image has also been added to the Flickr group Handknit Street Style, which is also well worth a look


Sue Doran said...

Those are terrific socks and the shoes are amazing! I really like upcycled items and so they appeal on all kinds of levels. :-)

RosyRetro® said...

wow! Great image!

peahen said...

Absolutely Sue! btw I love those earrings on your profile pic and must have a pair!! I assume you made them? Can't see them on your site, do you have any available just like that?