Is it a good idea to 'cartoon' while drunk?

When I awoke this morning, I remembered what I'd done, and opened the computer to check that I'd not done something completely embarrassing.

It's not bad. It's the best of about three ideas I wrote down after a couple of glasses of wine last night. Then drew and published while in that state.

I've no idea what the message is. It's a skit on the old chauvinist comment "make me a sandwich, love". I'm certainly not trying to say that complying with such behaviour should be rewarded. Nor that sticking to your feminist principles is cutting off your nose to spite your face. It's simply intended to raise a smile.

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Spinzilla 2016 - meet up for Hilltop Cloud and Hand Spinning News teams

Dragons and Pirates - what a legendary combination!

We're in the middle of Spinzilla week, a monster of a worldwide spinning competition. Although the event is managed online and team-mates can be from anywhere in the world,  meet-ups do happen and what better than taking the spinning to the people and enlightening (what turns out to be) a very naive public.

Today, members of team Hand Spinning News UK and Team Hilltop Cloud met in Nottingham (a central location for a number of members of two of the UK teams) at Stone Bridge City Farm.

300 yards of Shetland spun and plied; with plying credit that's 900 yards to my Spinzilla total which now stands at 7397.5 yards or 4.2 Monster Miles!!