Wrong-Sized Wrap

I have finished a fun but simple project--a wrap that I almost typed as "warp." That wouldn't have been so wrong because this isn't quite like the instructions. The pattern called for a finer yarn than I used, so my wrap/warp is wider than it should be. It also called for 13 50-gram balls, and I only had 10, so the wrap/warp is a little shorter.

When I put the pin in it and turned it to the side a bit, the scalloped edge naturally folded over, making an automatic collar that I think I like. So, I chalk up the wrap/warp as a success. It may become a Christmas gift for a sister or niece.

Here is the pattern:
Cast on 105 stitches (or something suitable for the yarn you have)
First 12-row sequence:
Odd rows: knit
Even rows: knit up to 8 stitches to end. Slip stitch, K, Pass slipped stitch over, (YO, Slip stitch, K, Pass slipped stitch over) repeat three times
On the 12th row, after finishing the pattern, cast on 6 stitches.
Repeat this 12-row pattern and for half of your yarn (I had ten balls, so I did this until 5 were used and I had 16 points on the scalloped edge).

Knit one row.

For the other half, a 12-row sequence:
Odd rows: knit up to 5 stitches to end. YO, knit two together. Repeat once. YO. Knit one.
Even rows: knit
For the 12th row of this 12-row set, cast off 6 stitches pearl wise and knit remaining stitches.
For the final 12th row, cast off all stitches pearl wise.

I still love casting on...

It's a bit out of character for me to have only one project 'on the needles', so feeling slightly bored with the Shapely Tee, I've started the Lolita Legs. I love the idea of knitted fishnets. I spotted a fishnet pattern in the 'Stitch n Bitch Nation' book a while ago; didn't buy the book, wrote down the pattern and then lost it. Doh! However, this free pattern is much better. Looks perfect for that special leg man in your life.

I found this cashmerino in my local craft shop (soon to be moving to Moira Furnace, folks). It feels GORGEOUS - it's probably the most beautiful wool I've used so far. Perfect deep red colour too.

The pattern claims that they knit up super-fast. We'll see - that's not the case so far. This is my first go at figure-of-8 cast on, knitting 'in the round' and lace knitting, so there's a good chance that it'll hold my interest till they're done!! Now, how does the 'yarn over' stitch go again....?


Just a couple of hours in and I'm pleased with the progress!

I've discovered that it's very easy to drop stitches when using these double-pins. While I was working on the toe (plain st st) I had to rescue one dropped stitch - see the top photo, where it looks like I'm playing jack-straws - that was successful, but I've just managed to drop 3 - and with this lace pattern, there's no chance of picking them up or even going back a couple of rows. I've rescued one, but the others have kinda disappeared. My heart sinks at the thought of re-doing all of this, and it doesn't seem to be 'running' so I'm going to make a couple of stitches and keep my fingers crossed that it's not noticeable!

Glitter belt

This is all I've managed to achieve so far with my glitter belt that I mentioned ages ago! Its taken sooo long as I kept getting the pattern wrong. I was so determined to get it all perfect so I kept pulling it out. Lost count of how many times, but when the holes don't match up what choice do you have?.....
I love the colours and glitter in the thread and it was such a contrast to use after the chunky wool I used for the chunky funky bag!
Will post photos of the finished article when its long enough to reach around my waist (don't hold your breath).

Yet Another Sweater

As is my obsessive/compulsive tendency, I have finished another sweater. In my defense, this one was simple and sleeveless with just a simple knit/purl pattern and little shape. It's so simple, in fact, the front and back are identical.

The free pattern is here. I didn't have easy access to the yarn specified, so I used a cotton blend from Rowan instead with the same weight and needle size. I found myself with an arm-load of pink stuff of similar weight the other day as my friend was cleaning out her store--take whatever you want, she says to me, like handing sugar to a toddler. How am I supposed to say "no" to that? I'm sorry I have enough yarn already. Oh no, I just couldn't accept free yarn. Of course, I said "yes" and picked up a small bundle. It will be used to make another one just like this.

Basic Shawl

After the weird Clint Eastwood sweater (and by the way, isn't it cool that we got Dive to comment on a knitting blog? hee hee ), anyway...after the poncho sweater, I decided to relax a bit with a simple shawl using the free pattern at Knitter's Review.

I used two strands--Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss and a multi-colored cotton/silk yarn--knitted on size US 17 needles. Because the needles were so large, this project was done in no time at all and was a breeze to block.

As I caution with all of my knitting, don't look too closely, or you'll be astonished by the mistakes. I don't know when I'll wear this, but I am hoping for an opportunity or two to dress up this winter. Or, I could just leave it to grace the table.

Funky Sweater

Another one down. I just finished this funky sweater from the Debbie Bliss Cathay book. It's called a poncho sweater and uses about thirteen 50g balls of Debbie Bliss cathay yarn (50% cotton/35% Viscose microfibre/15% silk) and size US 5 needles.

While I'm afraid this might not be a very flattering fit, I do believe this is my new favorite sweater. It's comfortable and unique and very fun. Don't look too closely unless you want to discover some glaring errors, like the fact that the back was knitted using two different dye lots and is distinctly striped. I have decided to label this sweater "rustic," so any flaws I may spot from here on out just add to its rustic nature, like those tags on clothes that try to explain away odd fiber or color variations by calling them "the nature of the fabric." That sad little mess on the back of the collar edge where I dropped a few stitches is the nature of the poncho sweater.