back to back challenge - Fibre-East 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed a day sitting in the sun spinning with some lovely people. It wasn't a full attempt at the challenge but a dry run for the full version maybe next year. We made a child-size jumper so that visitors to Fibre-East could see the event from start to finish while they were there.

Some firsts:
  • Spinning with unwashed greasy fleece
  • Spinning longdraw from a teased mass of fibre without using carder or pet comb
  • Spinning the yarn and seeing a garment knitted in one day

I enjoyed spinning wool with all grease left in. While it didn't feel too dirty, a small knitted sample square that we washed was much whiter. It's surprising how much dirty grease collects around the orifice and on your wheel generally

I wouldn't want to spin dirty fleece again (before the next b-to-b challenge!) but I will try washing without scouring out all of the grease, and try a 'dressing mix'.

I will also remember to put sun-block on my neck next time!

On your marks:


My photos from the day are here:

[edit] and the more official photos from the day are here:

First Tardis sock (almost) complete!

I don't remember being good at needlework at school, I don't think my gonk was very good, so I'm a little perturbed about having to embroider the 'Police Box' lettering.

The detail on the windows has gone well though, and I'm very pleased with the knitting generally. I really like the 'square panel' pattern (probably not easy to see in the photos) and so I carried it on over the top of the foot, knitting plain just on sole, toe and heel.

Size is spot on, Hoping the enthusiasm remains through its partner....

sneaky peekies

A newsletter reader asked for some pictures of the wide carder in use.

First up was some 'fairy wings' angorino. Just 50g but it fitted on the drum easily. I'd usually do that quantity in two lots so it made short work of that.

Next up was some of the Shetland I scored recently.

I kept feeding until the drum seemed full. A monstrous batt indeed, but weighed in at 66g, a bit short of the promised 100g, but I'm sure it's possible to get more on next time, particularly at the edges. The drum tended to fill in the middle before the edges, but I'm sure that's just practice.
And a sneaky peeky of a new range of hooks and needles - ebony and rosewood with the most exquisite finish:

Available on Handknitter very shortly and possibly p2tog too.

feeling sheepish

I had the pleasure of meeting these neatly-clipped girls this afternoon, and taking away some shetland fleece in various shades.

I now have lovely soft hands and the scoured fleece will be available at handspinner shortly.