Update - Lolita legs

I didn't expect it to start looking quite so much like wooly socks! So far it doesn't look half as sexy as the pattern!

It's interesting how it's twisting as I'm knitting. No doubt the pattern will straighten out when it's blocked or worn, but I quite like the twisted 'diamond' pattern!

I'm enjoying this project more than anything I've made before, I think. To add to all of the other things I've had to learn, I've just made my first short-row heel. (It only took about an hour to do that, and a lot of that time was spent scratching my head over the pattern!) I've had a lot on my plate these last couple of weeks, but despite that, I'm pleased with the amount that I've done in the short time I've spent so far. I'll certainly tackle a pair of socks when I've finished these.