This is not my knitting, my sister in law just made it for my Christmas Present. Thought it worth putting on here as am very happy with it.

The wool comes from my cousin Janet's needlecraft shop which she runs with her friend Joan, and they have marvelous wools in..

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas Holiday xxxx

Can I go back to bed?

The downside of being self-employed is that you don't stop being at work, even when your head has turned into a snot production machine but one of the upsides has got to be working in front of a fire in your dressing gown and no-one knows or cares.

Stitching for Sanity

I've borrowed the title from a favourite knitting / spinning blog but it's very apt.

These last few weeks have been incredibly busy, too busy to sit down and take a break, but this beautiful yarn and growing project have been calling to me and insisting that I take half and hour here and there (usually very late at night!) to knit a few rows. Without that I'm not sure I would have coped.

I love the way this is turning out. The bought trekking sock yarn is a real joy to use, I love the colours in it and the way it's striping.

For the record, that's five pattern repeats, I'm at the instep and about to turn the heel.

Creature of habit

I'm finding myself waaaaay too busy to sit and knit for long, but I've snatched a couple of short late-night sessions (as my bleary eyes will attest) and have got as far as a toe and one pattern repeat.

I lurve the yarn, and very pleased with how neatly it's stitching up. You can see how it's starting to stripe in a soft way.

I'm a creature of habit - the pattern is my favourite lace sock pattern - Ginkgo socks - this is my third pair. I'm baffled by the provisional cast-on method in the pattern (or too lazy to study it) so I just used the figure of 8 cast on that I know and love.

These needles were my grandmother's and I like to think that she's watching proudly!

Christmas treat

Whoop! Look what's just arrived from p2tog - A little Christmas treat for myself: trekking sock yarn (75% superwash new wool, 25% nylon) Can't wait to get casting on. (Might be taking more 'coffee breaks' today than I really should)


Just finished sewing my squares together and so have a nice warm cover to put on my legs in the evening when I sit! ha ha sounds like a poor old woman, but have enjoyed making it, used to just do them for the cats, but thought I would have one as well...and it used a lot of old wools up..

Not quite up to your standard Shiela, but about time I posted on here again.. love to all. x