Can I go back to bed?

The downside of being self-employed is that you don't stop being at work, even when your head has turned into a snot production machine but one of the upsides has got to be working in front of a fire in your dressing gown and no-one knows or cares.


Sarah said...

WE know you're working in front of the fire in your dressing gown. Go and get a hot chocolate. See, we care too.

peahen said...

Oh bless you, thank you so much. And I will go and make a chocolate - I have it down to a fine art! mine involves brandy pouring cream (I'm addicted to the stuff) and marshmallows

sapape said...

Poor you! I am just getting over the same cold (which mutated to swine flu by the time my husband caught it of course!) so you have my full sympathy. I too work from home on Mondays and am often still in my dressing gown at lunchtime. I have to remember to get dressed when we are doing a video conference!

Hope you're feeling better soon.