Creature of habit

I'm finding myself waaaaay too busy to sit and knit for long, but I've snatched a couple of short late-night sessions (as my bleary eyes will attest) and have got as far as a toe and one pattern repeat.

I lurve the yarn, and very pleased with how neatly it's stitching up. You can see how it's starting to stripe in a soft way.

I'm a creature of habit - the pattern is my favourite lace sock pattern - Ginkgo socks - this is my third pair. I'm baffled by the provisional cast-on method in the pattern (or too lazy to study it) so I just used the figure of 8 cast on that I know and love.

These needles were my grandmother's and I like to think that she's watching proudly!

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Sarah said...

I'm sure she'd be very proud of all things woolly that you do!