Egg-citing sit and spin in North Norfolk?

Would anyone like to come along to an 'egg-citing' 'sit and spin' session in North Norfolk on Sunday (4 April)?

Bring a wheel or spindle (or needles or loom if you like) and drop in and out at whatever times suit you.

Alby Crafts - beautiful setting, lots of other things to enjoy while you’re there. I’ll ask nicely for a small contribution towards the cost of the studio and coffee / Easter cake

There’s a cafe on site if you need more sustainance at lunchtime.

Contact me if you're interested and I'll give you more details.

Design challenge

For a birthday present (it was a while ago) my sister Helen gave me this very cute knitted ceramic pot. She loves the concept as much as I do and we spoke about knitting a yarn bowl and turning it into a ceramic one.

That was a while ago and I'm struggling to fit any knitting in (I'm still finishing my Ravelympics main project!). Does anyone fancy designing and knitting a yarn bowl for Helen to turn into a ceramic version for sale on (In return for some promotion and/or perhaps a small commission for each one sold.)

Speak up if you're interested!

Dear Auntie Shiela

In a new feature for the newsletter, I will be doing my best to help slightly fictional spinners / knitters in distress.

In the postbag this month is a letter from a spinner unsettled by her hubby's behaviour.

Dear Auntie Shiela

My marriage seems to have gone a bit cold. He doesn't pay me compliments any more, he looks right past me at the dinner table and he doesn't change his pants as often as he used to. Has he got cold feet?

A: Oh dear. At least he's not having an affair, his personal hygiene would certainly be better.

Try knitting him a pair of socks to keep his feet warm. Every time he puts them on, and feels their hand-knitted toasty warmth, and how lovely the fibre feels against his feet, he'll think of the hours that you put in knitting them especially for him.

To invest more of yourself in them, spin the sock yarn yourself.

Suggestion: Elemmaciltur's variation on the Boyfriend Socks pattern - Drunk Boyfriend Socks:

The original Boyfriend Socks pattern is here:

Failing that, your wheel is a good friend and losing yourself in hours of spinning will provide unconditional comfort.

Kind regards, Shiela

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