Twinkle finished - handspun, dyed and knit

Just photos. Needless to say I love it!


I've been so looking forward to trying this on, and now that I've cast off all I can do is sit and watch it slo-o-o-wly dry....

PS note to self - remember to buy some blocking wires at the weekend!

[edit] I love that the way I've blocked it has naturally pulled a nice waist shape!

Much Twinkling

Beading nearly finished around the lacey border. I hate picking up stitches but had to pick up around 300 up each front and around the neck. It seems quite neat, I'm pleased!

It's exciting to be this close to finishing now, hoping to wear it at the weekend.

new skills - beaded stitches

It's great to have to learn something new and since I started my Twinkle Twinkle I've learned the spit splice which means that I don't have any ends to try and disguise amid this very open knit and I've also threaded beads into my knitting for the first time and love the result!

I bought the smallest crochet hook that I could (0.75mm but I think 0.5s are available) and the smallest twinkly glass beads that the hook would go through (500 of!) Thanks to my very helpful local yarn store Bangles and Tat

That's the second sleeve in the background, just a few rows and some beads away from casting off. Then it's the lace front/neck and beading the lower border, then blocking!