Basic Shawl

After the weird Clint Eastwood sweater (and by the way, isn't it cool that we got Dive to comment on a knitting blog? hee hee ), anyway...after the poncho sweater, I decided to relax a bit with a simple shawl using the free pattern at Knitter's Review.

I used two strands--Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss and a multi-colored cotton/silk yarn--knitted on size US 17 needles. Because the needles were so large, this project was done in no time at all and was a breeze to block.

As I caution with all of my knitting, don't look too closely, or you'll be astonished by the mistakes. I don't know when I'll wear this, but I am hoping for an opportunity or two to dress up this winter. Or, I could just leave it to grace the table.


Alifan said...

Oh Scout, you are beating me in the knitting ranks.. looks good.... as for Dive posting on the knitting thread, he may well tell you how he was brought up with clicking needles!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Love love love it! I think it's a perfect blend of knitting
and professionalism.