Spinzilla 2016 - meet up for Hilltop Cloud and Hand Spinning News teams

Dragons and Pirates - what a legendary combination!

We're in the middle of Spinzilla week, a monster of a worldwide spinning competition. Although the event is managed online and team-mates can be from anywhere in the world,  meet-ups do happen and what better than taking the spinning to the people and enlightening (what turns out to be) a very naive public.

Today, members of team Hand Spinning News UK and Team Hilltop Cloud met in Nottingham (a central location for a number of members of two of the UK teams) at Stone Bridge City Farm.

300 yards of Shetland spun and plied; with plying credit that's 900 yards to my Spinzilla total which now stands at 7397.5 yards or 4.2 Monster Miles!!


BabyLongLegs said...

Brilliant day :)
I do like enlightening the public... and plenty of that went on today :)

Guzzisue said...

if id known would have popped in and said hello, I think may be too far out of the loop these days !

peahen said...

It would have been very good to meet at last, Sue!