Tardis socks finished! Just in time

... for the autumn weather:

Really pleased with these.
  • It's my first go at colourwork (Intarsia in the round = lots of ends to weave in) that's worked out very well, the second one is neater than the first!
  • The detail is embrodered on, not something I'm familiar with or very keen to do more of
  • The chart only gives you the leg - after that you're using your favourite sock pattern. I love the squares and chose to carry them on over the top of the foot and that looks good
  • The leg chart isn't symmetrical, so I read it right-left for one sock and left-right for the other to make them a pair
  • One ball of Zitron Trekking XXL 4-ply Sock yarn (shade 451) was perfect in colour and more than enough. The white was some almost-white wool/nylon sock yarn from my local shop, but they don't use much white so anything from stash will do
  • Many many thanks to Tara Wheeler for the pattern which is free and is here - and the Ravelry page for the pattern is here


Sarah said...

They're lovely. Would it really have mattered if you hadn't finished them on time? Ha ha.

Shearer's Girl said...

Sounds complicated!

Jazz said...

oh WOW! I am in love, these are fab! Well done!

Mary Beth said...

Those are Fantastic!!!!! totally jealous of your skills! I have never done intarsia or anything like it. These, however, may inspire me to try!!!!

sleepydwarf said...

They are fantastic! Whoever thought of making TARDIS Socks!! Brilliant :)