Brainless knit will keep the brains very warm

I'm not doing very well with my resolution to be finishing more projects than I'm starting, but as I've started and finished this one, does it cancel itself out?

I was feeling down at the weekend and needed a quick and brainless knit. This is the Easy-Fit Ribbed Hat. I had a skein of Artesano 50% alpaca / wool aran weight- 100g just about made the hat

It wasn't as quick to knit as I had hoped, using big needles like these (6.5mm) is quite clumsy. But by the end I was getting quite deft with the 'right needle anchored under the arm' technique, which worked really well with these big needles.

For speed with 2x2 rib, I knit all the k stitches through the back loop, which gives them that odd twist, but I quite like it.

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Sarah said...

It's very nice. Twisted suits me. And yes, it does cancel itself out, in fact, it never existed as a WIP.