Finished project! (Albeit a small one)

Yay! I finished sewing-up just in time for the arrival of Helen's ceramic buttons. They're the perfect finishing touch, beautiful pink and white agateware square buttons.

I am particularly pleased with the pattern that the double moss stitch makes. It's attractive and has a nice 'stretch' to it like ribbing. For the cuffs, I learned a new cast-on which is suitably stretchy. That worked out well.

The only thing spoiling this project for me is that one of the balls of eskimo was a slightly different colour. You can just about see in the photo that one of the sleeves is a slightly deeper pink. Friends have reassured me that you don't notice it until it's pointed out, and it does depend on the light.


Scout said...

It's adorable, Pea. You really don't notice the different lot in the color. I'm not exactly sure what double moss stitch is, but I'll look it up in my handy knitting encyclopedia (yes, I have one).

peahen said...

Thanks Robyn. I'll save you the trouble! (I very nearly explained it when I wrote the post!)

It's k2, p2 etc. for two rows, then switch to p2, k2 for two rows etc. If you look closely it's like a little checkerboard pattern.