Ruby, ruby, ruby

No, I've not pulled out the Lolita Legs, they're now on hold. I'm so pleased that a very special person has asked me to make her a bolero like my black one.

I'm worried that I don't have long to make it. She'd like to wear it at her ruby wedding celebration, hence the beautiful deep red wool. Trouble is, that only gives me about 3 weeks! I can feel some late coffee-assisted nights coming on!

The back's done, and that's the first sleeve just started.


Scout said...

Wow, what a statement of your skill to be asked to knit for someone else. I'm impressed. What number anniversary year is Ruby, anyway?

I'll look forward to seeing the finished piece.

peahen said...

Between you and me, Scout, it's my Mum. It's their 40th anniversary; yes I know she looks way too young.