First handspun project

So much news.... Shiela's wheel is working well, I've produced the first yarn from Mum's friend's sheep's fleece, and I have found a nice project to start.

This hat is one of the patterns in a recent issue of 'The Wheel', Ashford's magazine ( ). it's a real inspiration - I got a copy when I ordered some bits and pieces from the Alpaca Spinner ( )

I love the statement on this pattern 'Size: to fit average head'. I might need to make mine a bit bigger.

This is my first little sample of yarn from the sheep pictured in an earlier post. My spinning is getting better, it's thinner and more consistent. (I made this first sample on the drop-spindle, but you can see that I've done quite a bit more on the wheel now.)

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dive said...

Cool wheel, Pea!
"Shiela's Wheel" brought back a load of Gerry Rafferty memories. Hee hee.
I can't wait to see some of the results.