Hat progress (a race against the weather!)

I'm thinking this could well be finished before the winter's over!

It's taking longer than it would if I were just knitting it, because I'm spinning the wool at the same time as knitting it (100% black fleece - see earlier post). That keeps the work from becoming repetitive!

The picture above isn't very good, but I don't think that black wool comes out well on any photo! I'm close to starting the reductions now - I've done several long rows now of the 'fisherman's rib' - for this project I've had to learn how to 'knit into the row below'. It's quite scary slipping the stitch off, because you don't feel as if you've knit into it! But somehow it works, and produces a chunky rib, made chunkier by my Navajo-plied (3-ply) handspun. Another skein of the yarn is lying there, hot off the wheel, waiting to be washed and wound into a ball.

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