striped batts and spinning and knitting in public

It's really against character for me to get into the spirit of a national or international something day, but I couldn't help joining in on Worldwide Spin in Pubic Day.

One of my favourite spots is the secret picnic spot at the bottom end of Foremark reservoir. Fantastic view and some sun too today. Idyllic!

Have you spun or knit in public? I've started a group on Flickr - join it and add your photos - I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

So what were people watching me spin? I dug out my onion-skin dyed fibre.

I'd already spun some into yarn I called Wheatfield, and started to knit a swallowtail shawl. I can't remember exactly how I dyed this fibre, I think I dipped three lumps into the dyepot one after the other, hence three different colours.

I made some batts before I went out today. This is the first time I've tried carding a striped batt. Love it!

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