Warp and weft

I've had a great weekend with my Mum. I took over a knitter's loom and we've spent some very enjoyable time learning to weave.

Mum found some lovely chunky marbled yarn, something she's used a lot for crochet.

The finished item looks remarkably good for a first effort. (I'm just washing it, which should fluff it up a bit and I'll take another photo of it when it's dry.) The most amazing thing was how quickly it grew. It took an hour or so to warp up the loom and about the same again to do the weaving.

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whippetsgalore said...

Wasn't that a great weekend we had.It was such fun setting up the knitters loom,and once we had done that the weaving was so quick and easy, the sample scarf was done in no time at all. I'm looking foward now to trying out a larger piece of weaving and experimenting with colours, pattern and different textures of wool. Thanks for bringing it over, great fun.