Lolita legs - finished

I read a post this week from a blogger who takes a very relaxed attitude to frogging any project which isn't working. It was quite liberating to read. So I'm not a huge failure as a knitter if I pull something out and start something else?!

I have a couple of projects which are definitely now going to return to their component parts.

However, I've always been keen on finishing Lolita legs. That may be a strange thing to say given that I started it (them?) in 2007. In this case the lack of activity hasn't been a loss of enthusiasm for the pattern or that I've not enjoyed knitting the pattern.

The problem has been that I've made so many mistakes. And when you're facing pulling half or a whole item and starting again, it's easy to put it aside and difficult to pick it up again.

So they were an ideal project for the Ravelympics 'wipsdancing' event!

And now I have two finished, identical stockings, free of mistakes. And I have a finished Ravelympics project. Hurray!

For the record, the yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (soft and warm!), knit on UK 10's and the pattern (free) is here: Lolita Legs


Guzzisue said...

wow :-) shame I don't have the legs for these!

peahen said...

:-) Thanks Sue. I don't know whether I'll actually wear them now (usually the case with things I knit) No-one I've been with in the time I've been knitting them (3 years!) has liked them!

Scout said...

I saw these on FB, Pea, and I was SO impressed! Very good job.

whippetsgalore said...

you are wrong! I have always liked them and am very pleased to see them finished. A good job done.

peahen said...

Thanks Scout - I'm very pleased with them, but it really isn't a complicated pattern. Lots of credit to Amy King for the brilliant idea and design.

When I said no-one has liked them, I was actually thinking about partners rather than family, Mum! I now remember you saying a long time ago that you liked them. Glad you approve :-)