A wheel with a history

One or two spinners will recognise this Kiwi's amazing paint job.

In case you haven't guessed, she's called Freya. Her original owner, Leni (correct me if I have any of this wrong, girls) painted the wheel blue. Her last owner, Helen of myheartexposed added the beautiful flowers.

Helen has something new and very exciting on her shopping list and so I'll be offering Freya very shortly after making my own mark on her.


leni425 said...

I was her first owner, and stained the chassis with antique oak, and painted the drive wheel blue. Hopefully she'll go to a loving home again!

peahen said...

Ill make sure of it Leni :o)

Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

Aw thank you so much Shiela, I am highly confident you will do Freya proud with the changes you previously discussed with me. I am very excited to see her lovingly passed on so her history grows with her as time goes by.

Freya was an absolute dream to work with and learn the basics, I hope her new owner will find her equally enjoyable and rewarding.

Please and relieved she arrived with you today in one piece :)

((( hugs )))

Helen xx

peahen said...

You didn't need to worry, Helen, she was incredibly well-packed, you left nothing to chance! ;-) I'll keep you posted about progress.

Knittynutter said...

oh, is she for sale?

Sarah said...

Lovely idea that she gets added to with each new owner!