spinning newspaper

I've seen newspaper 'yarn' but not tried making it. I received a question about it and curiosity got the better of me.

I went for the 70g top-whorl spindle and it worked fine. I found that I couldn't give it a good twist and let it spin as you do with wool, I guess something slightly heavier would be good but anything too heavy and you'd run into problems with the paper tearing I expect.

I had to keep one hand on the spindle and keep twisting it while 'scrunching and feeding' with my top hand. It was quite a fast process.

As I worked I found that it could take quite a bit of twist and looked better with more twist. The 'yarn' starts to get a bit 'springy' when it's got more twist in it.

Note the way I cut the paper to save too many joins - ie one continuous strip from one sheet.

It's not terribly flexible, I guess it'll be easier to weave than spin.

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dive said...

Pea, if you're making an outfit to go with those sexy newspaper shoes you posted, I want photos! Hee hee.