Summer Flies

Do your knitting habits change with the seasons? Craftsy magazine held a survey on Facebook and found the top answer to be 'the weather doesn't affect my knitting'. The next highest answer was that projects become smaller; hats and socks.

In response to this, Stefanie Japel has put together her top five free summer patterns.

I guess that like me, you are not often moved by many of the patterns in a top five, but these ones really grabbed me, I've bookmarked three of them.

The Summer flies shawl (I assume meaning that Summer goes quickly, not a reference to the insects) looks lovely and is said to be quick and easy to knit. The Ornamental Socks have a fascinating heel! And the Suntrap Scarf just looks beautiful and summery.

The scarf is similar to one of my own WIPs and reminds me that I should get on with it!

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Shearer's Girl said...

Interesting survey results. Sitting under a large winter jumper would be rather uncomfortable in summer. I wonder why projects get smaller in summer?

peahen said...

hmm, if I wanted a winter jumper I'd *have* to start knitting it now to stand a chance of wearing it in the Winter ;-)