loom warped

I feel as if I've hit a milestone with this project - I have all 480 ends of the warp on the loom and threaded through the heddles. Plain sailing now? Hopefully. Time for a round-up of pictures so far. The warp is cream cottolin, the weft is the merino / silk mix that I'm spinning by hand spindle.


Jan said...

This looks great, but where are you at now with it?
Aka dizzyspinner x

peahen said...

Hi Jan, I think I'm mostly done - but I can't tell - you can't see how much more is left on the back roller or how much is finished on the front!

I put this one away in June (needed the room - had some guests sleeping on the floor). Since then I've been intending to set up the loom again and carry on, but I seem to get easily distracted by new projects!

I won't start anything now until I've finished this one - honest!