Another update on the dark raglan

Progress is slow because of my habit for so many things on the go at once, and because I'm spinning a bit, knitting a bit etc.

But I'm almost at the bottom of the body. I'm at the point where I'm starting to measure my own torso and keeping an eye on the work to see when it's long enough. (An advantage of this pattern - you just keep knitting until it's long enough).

It's going well, the cable and braids are really popping out, it all looks good size-wise.


Notes to a retiring dancer said...

Hmmm.....Is this a trait of creative minds? "....habit for so many things on the go at once...." !! LOL I have 3 rooms full of part completed sewing, quilting, spinning, weaving, art, felting, embellishing, carding, combing, knitting and crochet. I thought it was time to 'fess up - to someone who has admitted 'manyonthegoism'too. I haven't played my piano in ages; interestingly, there is something that I never have 'manyonthego' I am stubborn as a mule for finishing and perfecting a piece of music I have started, whether to accompany someone or to play solo.

peahen said...

I'm so pleased I'm not the only one, thank you for your confession! I used to feel very guilty about it, but not so much now. Also, it does allow for phases of finishing several things close together which is quite rewarding!

Unknown said...

Some knitter once said, "There's a fine line between multi-tasking and mental illness?" ( You have to have a good sense of humor for this one...)