How to spin and knit this shawl in ten days

This is the final post about my Ravelympics / Ravellenics project, spun and knit during the London Olympics. It's without doubt the project I'm most proud of. It's a simple knit, free pattern and a great first shawl or lace project. (all details below.)
It's definitely my fastest project too. Here's what helped:
  • Have a time limit or target (in this case I had my eye on the Shawl Sailing finish line!)
  • Something changing to keep your interest. In this case each row was slightly different in colour, keeping me always keen to see the next row.
The singles are not spun terribly fine, but I did use larger needles than called for and so the stitches are quite open. It's translucent and very drapey.
The spiral-dyed fibre graduated to nearly-white. I added undyed white for the last part of the lace border which gives an effect I'm very happy with. It really makes a contrast with the dark blue.

Pattern: Oaklet Shawl
Needles: 4mm (slightly larger than pattern says). Used interchangeable tips/cable and swopped cable for a longer one as necessary.
Fibre: Sliced denim Polwarth from picperfic
Yardage: My fibre made 350 yards which was just right. But the pattern allows you to make the shawl smaller or larger to suit your yardage

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