Woolly W.... oops - Friday

Apologies for missing the Wednesday, it's an extraordinarily busy month for some reason.

Since last month I've got this far with the first of my 'Water Sprite' bamboo / wool socks (just past the heel)

But I've abandoned everything else to knit this sweet baby jumper in time for a first birthday. I'm using a Zauberball together with some of my XXL Trekking yarn in 451 (reasonably solid blue in similar thickness and composition - 25% nylon, 75% wool) in a 2 x 2 stripe.
After all those blues, the colours are really starting to come off the ZB now! It was a bit disappointing to get a lot of dark blue coming off the Ball so it all blends into a large area of dark blue, but look - this comes right at the armpit (where I'll cast on the sleeves) and so I can knit the sleeves in plain blue (avoiding mismatched stripes) and it should look great. Totally accidental but a very happy accident.

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