Much Twinkling

Beading nearly finished around the lacey border. I hate picking up stitches but had to pick up around 300 up each front and around the neck. It seems quite neat, I'm pleased!

It's exciting to be this close to finishing now, hoping to wear it at the weekend.


Stephanie said...

Wow. Just wow.

I have yet to learn how to pick up stitches around the edge, but someday, I will learn!

peahen said...

It's easy Stephanie, but the problem I have is (as wih crochet) knowing exactly where to stick the needle through. And when the number of stitches you have to pick up doesn't match the number of stitches on your edge I don't know how to get it nice and even.
But working under my magnifier lamp really helped.

lizk said...

My mum used to use hair pins to divide the length evenly into smaller regions with perhaps 10 sts to pick up - hope this makes sense