Tour de Fleece - day one

This is a bit unofficial as I've not joined a team or set anything up on Ravelry but I am entering the spirit of the thing and spinning each day while the cycling event is on.

The daily spin will be very useful as I've really built up a huge stash of fibre, partly thanks to Wonderwool and partly thanks to a membership of Picperfic's luxury fibre club.

Not a huge amount today as I've been out all day but have just been unwinding by spinning a bit of this lovely angora from Bigwig's Wardrobe at Wonderwool. The very cute little spindle is from 1st class also Wonderwool. I've seen them at two previous shows and regretted not starting a collection.

I've not done all that's on the spindle because I started this a few days ago and have picked it up for a quick twirl occasionally. (I do realise that I've got things muddled and have been winding 2-under, 1-over rather than vice versa which means I won't get as much on this cake.)

Are you taking part in TdF? Tell me about it in the comments - especially if you're blogging about it.


Guzzisue said...

Hi, I'm taking part hope to get the blog posts sorted tonight :-)

Hazel said...

I've also been taking part, and trying to make regular blog posts! So far it's been fun but hard work!