Homage?! You're all drunk!

Finally I finished the knitted nativity that I'd rashly agreed to knit for a non-knitting friend. I was quite proud of the result and I wondered whether they moved at night when no-one was watching.

I couldn't resist making this. "Homage?! You're all drunk!"


r1ckatkinson said...

Didn't realise (until now) that you made this yourself. Did you use iStopMotion or did you just take loads of pictures and compose it all in iMovie?

peahen said...

It was stuff that you've done with your kids (specifically a dinosaur one) that made me realise how effective stop motion can be.

My D60 can put together a movie from stills, so I did that and imported (about 10s at a time) into iMovie for editing.

I'm really pleased with the result but it was my first go and if I did the same thing again it would be so much better. (for a start I've bought a new tripod since to replace the very old and shaky one I used here!)