Mary Jane slippers

This is the first time I've knitted with multiple strands and I love it! It makes a quick and very chunky knit and I also love the way that it blends the colours.

This is some yarn I made during Spinzilla. It's been waiting for the right project.
I used some similar fibre for this cowl. In that case I navajo-plied to keep the colours together and went for a striped finish. This time I wanted to mix the colours up, but even with 2-ply there are blue areas and pink areas (and other colours too this time).

Knitting six strands was easy - I made three centre-pull balls and pulled from the outside and inside of each.

Taking many strands at once really blended the colours together. You get a 'heathered' look close up and a more blended look from a distance:

The pattern is Leethal Mary Janes. They're not dangerous - that's just a play on the designer's name, but you may want to add some Sock Stop to be on the safe side. I found the pattern while compiling the forthcoming Hand Spinning News and fell in love with it. It was so perfect for this yarn, I had no choice but to drop everything and cast on!

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