Spinning Samoyed dog fur into yarn

I've been asked about spinning some dog fur.
The Samoyed fur is really soft. Like most dog & cat fur it has a very short staple. It feels like alpaca or angora (rabbit) in that it makes a yarn which has a good halo but isn't bouncy or elastic like sheep's wool.
I made a few short samples using different methods. A short draw produced the most smooth and even yarn, but this was a firmer yarn that wanted to be quite fine, a lacey 2-ply or 3 plies for something a bit more substantial. As with downy fibres a long draw worked well and produced the softest yarn.
Heres a sample of knitted fabric. It's very fuzzy and like the dog is gonna shed a bit!


Ellen said...

I have some waiting to be spun so this is interesting. I have spun some 500g of Shetland pony foal fur recently and it looks very similar.

Asifur Rahman said...


Unknown said...

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