Finished Riddari

I enjoyed every minute of making this jumper, and it's one of my favourite handspun / hand knit projects ever.
It's the most ambitious colourwork I've tackled so far (3 colours to some rows). A friend suggested that I try 'pick and throw', one colour in each hand. That worked well, and getting pretty proficient by the end of this.

The pattern is Riddari by Védís Jónsdóttir, my Ravelry project is here.

I'm very grateful to Adam of The Real Shetland Company for sorting me out with real Shetland combed top.


Rebecca said...

This is just beautiful. Looks wonderful in natural shades. Did you woollen spin the yarn?

peahen said...

Thanks Rebecca. I guess it's some kind of 'semi' officially; it is combed top, but I spun it from the fold in a kind of long draw motion.

I've spun some of the same fibre using a more parallel draw, I guess this is more squishy, but the real reason for the 'over the fold' was for speed.