Boreal jumper - biting the bullet

I mentioned in the post about my finished Boreal jumper that the arms were a little tight around the biceps.
This is not due to me being particularly muscular! I'm pretty skinny. It's partly because I wasn't making my floats loose enough at that point, but a friend has commented that she found hers tight around the arms too, so my suggestion if you're planning to make this jumper is to continue increasing as you work up the sleeve. For this remedial work I added an extra 4 stitches before the colourwork, then ignored the 'makes' on the sleeve chart round 27 (leaving me with 2 extra, which I absorbed when I joined the sleeves to the body).

My sleeves were a little short, which was entirely my fault.

So... I was tempted to just wear the jumper for Christmas. Then do the remedial work. But I wouldn't have worn it as much as I want to (ie all the time). And I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. I bit the bullet....
 My magnifier lamp came into its own.
 At this point (above) it looked as if I'd lost a lightsabre battle! pulling that colourwork section out to reclaim the yarn was a breeze. As was knitting an extra two inches of the green, increasing by 4 more stitches. It was easy to just add those extra stitches at each end of the sleeve chart.
 Joining involved kitchener stitch, which I didn't manage as neatly as I'd like. I mostly kitchenered using the white, then used duplicate stitch to add a few green stitches in the right places.
 There was some 'yarn chicken' played before the end of all this. I had plenty of white yarn but didn't fancy dyeing another skein to match.

Et Voila. It's not an invisible repair. but not too noticeable. This is now having a good long soak, and I'm hoping the blocking will improve it a little.
It's involved several extra hours' work, but well worth it. I'll really enjoy living in this through December. Thank you so much for the pattern Kate.

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