Postcard from Wonderwool Wales 2017

What a great day. By the time stallholders were starting to cash up I really didn't want to leave. It was at that point I took the long shots of the room, giving the impression that there weren't many people there. But the opposite is the case, it really had been heaving during the day.

I don't seem to have taken many pictures of the exhibitors this time. I guess I was just too focussed on the offerings.

These two purchases were made for each other. Another spindle from IST was inevitable, and I've long wanted a Russian support spindle. These bowls were beautiful and this one just about matched this spindle. The fibre is camel/silk from Freyalyn, dyed the most beautiful gold colour.


Freyalyn said...

Lovely photos, I seem to miss so much as a stallholder even if I do go wandering around. Great to see you.

peahen said...

Thanks Freyalyn, it's always lovely to see you too. My fibre is AWESOME! It drafts amazingly well and the colour is 'to dye for'!

I don't think you'd see everything even if you spent all day away from your stand! lol. And the layout there makes it a bit tricky to be sure that you've seen everything.