Finished project - Dragon Wing Cowl

This is an image-heavy post, because I didn't post any pictures here of the fibre, the spinning or the knitting.

At Wonderwool earlier this year I picked up this batt from Louise of Spin City, and some beautifully fine merino tops from Andy at Wooltops, which I thought would all ply together nicely.

 Not sure how to tackle the batt, I decided to pull off handfuls and spin from the fold (nice and quick - gives good results) working across the batt for nice short colour changes.
 The entire batt fitted onto an old-style Ashford standard bobbin. At this point I wasn't sure that the merino would really match - the green is much bluer than the greens in the batt.
 It spun from the fold more nicely than anything I've used before. So nice.
 No worries - the greens all looked great plied together. Two plies of the darker green, one of the multi-greens.
 The Dragon Wing Cowl pattern starts with acres of garter stitch.

 The shape is interesting, and everyone loves making the ribs - you drop some stitches, run them all the way down, then use a big crochet hook to work them (4 strands at a time) all the way up again.

Project on Ravelry

Pattern is Dragon Wing Cowl by Jessie Rayot. It's available for free, or for a small price if you want an ad-free PDF version (I recommend this, the designer deserves a little reward for such an amazing thing.)

Fibre came from Spin City UK and Wooltops.

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